The business side of life

Updated: Sep 29

As anyone with kids knows, you cannot get shit done with kids around. Trust me, I have four of them. I finally sent them outside for recess and declared school is done for today! I'm sitting in the corner of my family room now staring at the computer screen trying to figure out how the hell I connect MailChimp to my website. Let me just tell you this about myself now, tech is not my forte.

My novel, Cross my Heart, is with the editor right now. That in itself is enough to have me drinking but now I'm learning the business side to writing and to be honest, it kinda sucks. I've never been great at putting myself out there to begin with. Now not only do I have to really put myself out there, but I also have to sell myself.

Sell my brand, everyone keeps telling me. What the hell is my brand? I'm a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and now a writer. What is my brand? I'm a mom who can't keep up with laundry. I'm a mom who has now been forced to be also a teacher (btw, you should never have to teach your own kids, it just doesn't work for most of us). I'm a wife who falls asleep early or now stays up all hours writing. I'm a friend that will have drive-way drinks with you while maintaining six feet of social distance because let’s face it, quarantine and no social escape is doing a number on my mental health.

My brand, I suppose, is me. My flaws and all. My writing isn't perfect, I have more days of mom guilt than I care to admit, my husband sometimes wishes he could hide and I'm the friend with a shoulder to cry on, even if it's virtually right now.

I'm not sure this brand sells (ha) but I am willing to bet they’re a lot of us out there. The not-so-hot messes, the dreamers, the realists, the happily-ever-after seekers. You are who I write for. I write for those of us that want to believe there is still good in the world and those of us that love every cliched trope, every cheesy line, every bad-boy/good girl scenario because for an hour or two it’s our escape.

I'll sit here until it's time to make dinner (steaks tonight if you're curious) and then once the kids are in bed I'll come back to the screen. I'll sit on the couch with my husband while he binges a show on Netflix, and I'll try desperately to figure out the business side of this new world I've emersed myself in. I might succeed, I might not, and that is okay with me right now. I'm finally doing something for myself and while I sincerely hope you'll all love it as much as I did while writing it, I know this is a tough, tough world.

So while I'm jumping in headfirst off the deep end, you keep being you. We are all in this together whether you're writing a novel like me or sitting on a mountain of laundry (also, like me) just know, your best is always good enough.