Why Do I Write?

Updated: Sep 29

I just finished my first novel...eek! The bigger news is I did it without telling a soul. Not until the very last minute, and perhaps a few cocktails. It's a scary thing to put your work out there, especially when it is full of cursing and sex! Ear-muffs!

When I finally got the nerve to send the mass message saying, "Hey, friends, guess what? I just wrote a 90,000+ word contemporary romance novel..." the number one question I got was how? Then it was why?

The answer to both is two-fold. I love staying home with the kids; I have four of them, but let me tell you something. Kids are a lot of freaking work! I have spent my entire adult life caring for other people and when my youngest two started school this year I realized, what had I done for myself? The answer was not much. Many can argue that I'm lucky to stay home with them (I am). Many can say my life has been well spent raising them myself (it has) but at forty years old, I decided I needed something for me!

Oh, yeah, then there was cancer. At 39 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The cancer that everyone tells you, "If you have to get cancer, that's the one to get." Well, guess what? If you know someone that gets Kidney cancer, how about you DON'T say that to them, because really, it kind of sucks.

After almost a year of recovery where my husband had to do double duty as full-time bread-winner, nurse and don't forget child provider for four small humans I hadn't been able to do much of anything, except read. And read I did. A lot. I read so many romance novels I probably filled five kindles (if that's even a thing). And guess what I learned? I love funny, sappy, sometimes dirty romantic comedy with lots of curse words I can't say out loud for fear my children will repeat it in church!

Then, we moved to a new state where we started all over and I decided you know what? It is time I do something just for me. And this is it! Here it is, my blog about a novel that may or may not be a success with a little bit of real life throw in!

Cheers to life. Cheers to new adventures. Cheers to just putting your shit out there.